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Customize your lovetoy

How does it works?

Choose your product

First of all, we want to know which product you want to be laser engraved.
We have, among other things, wooden spoons, paddles, spatulas and glassdildo’s and much more. But we would like to invite you to supply us a product by yourself. Check out our frequently asked questions to see which materials are suitable for the laser cutter.

Choose your design

After you have chosen a product it’s time to choose a design. Do you already have a design in black and white, a text or both? Then go to the next step. We are ready to assist you in creating a design together with you and to guide you in the design process. Of course, your wishes and corporate identity will always be taken into account.

Let’s burn!

Product: Check! Design: Check! Engraving can begin. First we make a test engraving on the product to see if everything is correct. We only start with the order if we are 100% satisfied with the result together.

Spank & Spoon

Authentic, creative, ecologically sustainable, personal and playful. @SpankSpoon

About spank & spoon

One idea? More ideas? Too many ideas? And spank & spoon was born. We want to connect sustainability with personalised products. Always wanted to give something personal and unique to your partner? We are happy to help you! With our graphic background and wealth of ideas we try to create a fun environment for everyone to experience their own unique sexuality with shameless joy and passion.

“your pleasure personalized”


Questions or remarks? Please feel free to contact us.

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